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WIC Participants

WIC Participants

Fewer Errors, Paperwork and Time Waiting. No more duplicate questions.

WIC Participants (PDF)



Time and resources saved for WIC vendors, reducing paperwork 50-70%.

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Local Agencies

Local Agencies

Time and resources saved used to help families make positive health changes.

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What is Crossroads?

The North Carolina Crossroads WIC System is a model information system that is replacing the 30-year-old NC WIC Automated Data Processing (ADP) System. The system requirements for Crossroads were defined by a consortium led by the state of North Carolina and included Alabama, Virginia and West Virginia. Crossroads will manage all facets of WIC operations, including client services and vendor management. Crossroads uses modern web (HTML/HTTP) technology, standard WIC data elements, and complies with Federal policy and regulations.

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Modern Technology

Making WIC Better

Why Crossroads?

Crossroads will allow the North Carolina WIC Program to better serve you. However, for a week or so before the change to Crossroads, your WIC clinic may be working with a limited staff. You will still get your WIC benefits. Look for posters in your WIC clinic or ask the WIC staff to find out when they will start using Crossroads.

You might ask why WIC is making the change. There are many benefits for you:

  • Easier scheduling
  • Quicker food instrument pick-up
  • Fewer questions at check-in
  • Quicker in-state transfers
  • Food packages that meet family needs

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Crossroads History

Crossroads is a WIC Management Information System (MIS) which is 100% federally funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Services (FNS). North Carolina was selected to be the leading state of a four state consortium consisting of North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia and West Virginia to develop the new WIC MIS.

Crossroads is referred to as a State Agency Model (SAM), which means that it is intended to be a model system transferrable to other states once completed. Crossroads will support all facets of state and local agency WIC operations, including:

  • Clinic operations
  • Food benefit vouchers
  • Issuance and reconciliation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Vendor management
  • Caseload management
  • Federal reporting

Crossroads enforces federal requirements to ensure accountability and automates a current paper-based system of documentation of client services. Crossroads supports interfaces such as NC FAST (for online verification of income eligibility), CNDS, NCID and the NC Accounting System. Crossroads is electronic benefit transfer (EBT) ready.

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Local Agencies Rollout Schedule

The training and rollout schedule was determined based on several factors, including the location of each agency, number of WIC staff and number of sites, and local health department accreditation and WIC monitoring schedules. Select a point on the timeline for list of local agencies rolled out during that week.

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